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ASL 12M TX - Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Fire crews saved two thirds of Eastbourne Pier after fighting a major blaze in the structure. The fire started behind wood panelling in the arcade building on the afternoon of Wednesday 30th July 2014.

Fire crews working to save the fire at the Victorian pier used an AS Fire & Rescue ASL 12M TX ladder to aid the operation. Pier fires are difficult to fight as there is only one way on to the pier from the land side.

The 300-metre long pier opened in 1870 and has been hit by fire before, in 1970.

AS: Beam Gantry System - Monday, March 18, 2013

Unique Gantry

The AS Fire & Rescue Equipment Division of Supply Plus Ltd has developed and manufactured a unique Beam Gantry System for Royal Berkshire F&R which carries four 8ft standard suction hoses.

Due to the high vehicle, roof length restrictions and loading height of the Particular fire appliance, a counterweight system was developed in conjunction with the Variable velocity hydraulic damper and adjustable stop gantry system. This system allows the smooth deployment and stowage of the gantry, without compromising on the safety of the user.

And because the system is adjustable, it can be set for specific fire personnel operational requirements, if required in the future.

We have also developed an outboard stabiliser roller system within the pivot to reduce the sideways movements of the gantry and to assist and support the rollers housed on the vehicle roof.

The potential of this system is huge as it opens the door for other ancillary equipment, which is usually stowed within the inside of the vehicle, to be safely housed on the roof.

AS & Bayley Ladder Maintenance and Repair Manual - Monday, February 04, 2013

AS & Bayley M&R Manual

Supply Plus Ltd are pleased to announce that an updated issue of their AS & Bayley Ladder Maintenance and Repair Manual is now available.

To receive your free copy, please email Richard May,

with your full contact details:


Company name/Brigade name


Email address

Contact telephone number

AS Fire & Safety - ASL14 - The New Standard - Monday, July 30, 2012

Heat SensorAS Fire & Safety have successfully launched their new “standard” product in the 13.5m ladder range following the prototype shown at last year’s ESS (Emergency Services Show) event in Stoneleigh.

This new standard comes in a “One Price Size” fits all offering; this is achieved by blending the many variants to achieve a standard that will help drive down Fire & Rescue Services costs.

The new ASL14 will be fitted with “Heat Sensors” as standard. This means that the fire fighter can tell easily if the ladder has been exposed to heat and will therefore require immediate inspection prior to further use.

These heat sensitive labels can be retrofitted as required onto existing ladders fleets.

AS Fire & Safety - Malaysia Bomba - Monday, July 30, 2012
Malaysia Bomba AS Fire & Safety have just completed the delivery of new equipment destined for the Malaysian Bomba (Fire & Rescue services). This consisted of 200 sets of AS Ladders, 13.5m and 10.5m, along with the Beam Gantry systems designed specifically for the needs of the Malaysian Bomba.

AS Fire have a long-standing relationship working with the Malaysian Bomba and continue to develop products to suit their specific needs.

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