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AS Fire traces its history back to the innovative ‘464’ ladder. In 1968 the Southern Apparatus Company (Sacol) began producing the ‘464’ ladder which was being marketed by Angus Fire Armour and which had successfully replaced the traditional wooden wheeled escape.

In 1978 Angus Sacol Ladders was formed bringing both production and marketing within one company and following a management buy-out in 1995, the company name was changed to AS Fire & Rescue Equipment Ltd. 

Established in 1797, Bayley Ladders manufactured fire escapes as well as fire and rescue appliances. At the time of the Angus Sacol management buy-out, Bayley Ladders was also purchased and incorporated in to the AS Fire and Rescue Equipment family.

In December 2003 the company was successfully floated on the AIM stock market and the Asfare Group was formed.

In November 2005 Asfare Group purchased Todd Research Ltd.

With over 60 years’ experience in manufacturing X-ray equipment, Todd Research developed the worlds’ first X-ray security scanner, designed specifically for the mailroom, in 1972. From these first cabinet X-ray scanners, the company developed a range of products designed to fulfil all of the main security detection requirements of both public and private organisations of all sizes.

Asfare’s client base encompasses governments, all British Embassies around the world via the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, to private sector clients comprising over one third of the constituents of the FTSE 100, as well as global banking and insurance groups.

In June 2006 Asfare Group purchased Collins Youldon Ltd.

Founded in 1976, Collins Youldon have been the leading manufacturers of a range of hose reels for fire fighting and domestic fuel delivery applications for over 36 years. They are the preferred supplier for many worldwide vehicle producers, and with over 40 years’ experience manufacturing and developing this critical equipment, also offer a wide range of complementary products to supplement these core offerings.

In March 2007, Asfare Group plc was acquired by a leading fire & rescue services business in a reverse merger transaction. AS Fire, Collins Youldon and Todd Research continued to trade under these names until July 2009 when the companies became one, Supply 999 Ltd. The brand names continued to be used, as they are still doing today.

In December 2010 the acquisition of the business was announced in a Management Buy Out (MBO).

A new era in the company evolution was announced, which  enhanced and portrayed  both our market leadership and commitment to innovation. The company changed their name to Supply Plus Ltd.

Although our identity has changed, the brands AS Fire & Safety, Bayley, Collins Youldon and Todd Research continue to supply their specialised equipment to our diverse international customer base while ensuring that the new direction of the company maintains the focus on putting safety at the heart of everything we do.

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