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Supply Plus Ltd design and manufacture safety and security equipment; based in Cambridgeshire. The Supply+ brands are AS Fire & Safety, Bayley, Collins Youldon and Todd Research; these are manufactured in the UK.

Our commitment to innovate and deliver new developments and products to our customers is integral in our strategy. We value our customer chain from the OEM to the end user. It is this relationship and feedback that helps us to deliver new ideas successfully.

Our AS Fire & Safety brand is the leading supplier of BS EN 1147:2010 ladders in the UK and worldwide. We are determined to continue the journey that began with AS Fire & Rescue in Totten. We have developed our fire ladders with new features and updated our beam gantries and shutters to enhance their operation by fire and rescue services.

Our Bayley brand continues to deliver proven reliability within a harsh environment. The products are used by emergency and military services across many world markets. Our most recent design, the Bayley Split-Stow is a multi-functional ladder that can be operated in five different configurations.

Our Collins Youldon brand delivers proven dependability our fire, fuel delivery and communications markets demand. Our most recent design is the wheeled hose reel for the European market; this is used to rapidly deploy 200m of 70mm lay flat hose.

Our Todd Research brand is a leading manufacturer of X-ray scanning equipment. The product has evolved from the mailroom environment to be an integral security feature in businesses across other key markets.

Supply+ exports to over 40 countries supplying specialist equipment to our diverse international customer base. We are committed to designing, engineering and delivering quality products and services based on our advanced industry knowledge. We pride ourselves on our understanding of the issues that affect both our customers and their staff. We have a genuine enthusiasm for what we do and our aim is to act as a trusted extension of our customer’s activities and objectives.  

We work with our customers to prepare for tomorrow today. 

  • AS Beam Gantries
  • Bayley Military Ladder
  • CY Cable Storage Unit
  • CY Catherine Reels
  • CY Hosereels
  • TR70

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Featured Product

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